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Our services are the most effective method for obtaining your objectives for producing the highest quality manuscripts and documents. We provide the following services for both paper and electronic documents:

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Copyediting Can't check your own work?  We are a fresh pair of skilled eyes that will look at your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage and for consistent style and format. We will prepare a style sheet and query apparent errors or inconsistencies.


Word processing Need to create a new document or modify an existing one? We are thoroughly skilled in the use of word processing software and are capable of  preparing an author’s files for the next step in the publishing process. Our enhanced word processing skills use advanced word processing features to emulate the appearance of desktop publishing in the form of camera-ready pages.


Proofreading Were all the changes made? Our proofreaders make a comprehensive review of your document (usually reading word for word or number for number) to mark deviations for correction and to query editorial errors. Deviations and errors may relate to grammar, spacing, punctuation, or typography.


Indexing Need a back-of-the-book index? Our indexers use specialized software to compile an alphabetical list of references to the pertinent terms and concepts and then group and consolidate page references under main headings, subheadings, and cross-references as a guide to specific information.


We know these styles forward and backward!
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